Top Ten Oxymorons

The word “oxymoron” comes from two Greek words, “oxus,”meaning sharp or keen, and “moras,” meaning dull or foolish [the origin of moron jokes]. Therefore, the word “oxymoron” is itself an oxymoron, since it expresses two inherently contradictory things. Looking at the big picture of the Christian faith, the most obvious thing Christianity must be without to be love based rather than fear based is oxymorons. Here is my list of the top ten:

The Top Ten Oxymorons of Fear-Based Christianity:
10. God’s perfectly proportional justice and eternal hell
9. God’s desire that none perish and almost all perish
8. God’s sovereignty overruled by human free will
7. God’s omniscience and inability to change free will
6. God’s omnipotence and impotence to save all persons
5. God’s omnipresence and eternal separation from God
4. God’s amazing grace and eternal punishment in hell
3. God’s unconditional love and eternal torment in hell
2. God’s everlasting love and eternal damnation in hell
1. God’s infinite mercy and eternal torture in hell