Poem, “God at Bat”

God at Bat

The outcome looks very dismal for God’s side this cosmic day;
Satan’s side has a three-run lead with only one inning to play.
Billions chained in hell fearfully breathe in labored desperation;
Billions on earth, in faith, hold onto hope for heavenly liberation.

Satan, with no outs and bases loaded, intends to seal their fate;
He, as designated hitter, has an impish grin as he struts to the plate.
The word “rebellion” is on Satan’s lips, his face contorted in hate.
He beats his bat composed of sin, wickedness, and evil on the plate.

The pitcher grips the ball, winds up, and delivers the ball with zing;
The hanging curve ball is smashed by the power of Satan’s swing.
The hearts of demons are saddened and arrogance turns to doubt;
There is no joy on their side for arrogant Satan hits into a triple out.

The hearts of good spirits are gladdened with half an inning to play;
With two outs and bases loaded, the stage is set for The Final Play.
All human voices chant for God, as The Pinch Hitter, to come to bat;
They’d all bet money and even their eternal spirits with God at bat.

The word “forgiveness” is on God’s lips whose love knows no hate;
God rests His bat composed of love, grace, and mercy on the plate.
The pitcher grips the ball, winds up, and delivers the ball with zing.
Sin and even hell, itself, are destroyed by the power of God’s swing.

Everywhere in this majestic universe God’s glory is shining bright;
Everywhere there is goodness, joy, kindness, peace, love, and light.
Everywhere liberated spirits sing, dance, laugh, and shout in jubilation;
God, with one stroke of amazing grace, hits a walk-off grand slam and
All humbly bow, even Satan, and worship God in eternal adoration!!!

Biblical basis of, “God at Bat”
Isa. 45:23-25; Mt. 16:18; Phil. 2:9-11; Rev. 5:13
Inspired by American classic poem, “Casey at the Bat”
Copyright, All Rights Reserved
April 26, 2007

Baseball is really a good analogy or parable of the “contest” between good and evil, because unlike timed sports such as: basketball and football, baseball has no time limit. In regard to never giving up when behind in a baseball game, Yogi Berra, the New York Yankee Hall of Fame catcher, is credited with saying, “It ain’t over till it is over!” Even though it may appear that God is behind in the cosmic war between good and evil, this conflict will never be over until God has, not just defeated evil and confined it in some dark hole in the universe called, “hell,” but has completely destroyed evil and even hell itself (Mt. 16:18). God thus achieves his grand goal of becoming all in all!

This term “all in all” [KJV] means that God will eventually be everything to every one (I Cor. 15:28 RSV). The evidence of this grand finale of redemptive history is every knee bowing, throughout the cosmos, and every tongue confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God (Phil. 2:9-11). Then the prophecy in Rev. 5:13, of every created being in the universe worshiping God and the Lamb eternally, will be a glorious reality! This will, in fact, be the perfect ending of God’s perfect plan of salvation perfectly executed by the perfect sacrifice for the sin of the whole world (John 1:29), The Lord Jesus Christ, God incarnate!

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