What is spiritual abuse?  It is any unhealthy mind-altering relationship with the God of a person’s negative conception which has life-harmful consequences.  Spiritual terrorism is the most extreme form of spiritual abuse.  In its worst form, it has been called the “Spiritual Walking-Zombie Syndrome.” Other appropriate terms are, “Religious Poison,” “Spiritual Pornography,” and “Spiritual Insanity.” 


     There are various symptoms (“life-harmful consequences”) of spiritual abuse/terrorism/Insanity.  But the most common ones are feelings of:  anger, depression, low self esteem, meaninglessness, not being good enough (infinitely worse, never going to be good enough for God), helplessness, hopelessness, pessimism about life, panic attacks, and fatalistic fear of eternal damnation.  For victims of spiritual abuse the present looks bad and their eternal destiny looks infinitely worse!  Victims of spiritual terrorism/insanity daily in fear of eternal punishment in literal hell fire!