Table of Contents

Christianity Without Insanity

Introduction 5
Chapter  1.  C-hristianity With Insanity                7
Chapter  2.  H-olistic Health                                    22
Chapter  3.  R-eligions of the World                         44
Chapter  4.  I-ntegrity of Christians                         57
Chapter  5.  S-ymbolism of Fire                              73
Chapter  6.  T-otal Love of God                              87
Chapter  7.  I-nspiration to be Like God                 108
Chapter  8.  A-mbassadors of Peace for Christ      124
Chapter  9.  N-ature, Science, and Medicine           140
Chapter 10. I-nescapable Love of God                  157
Chapter 11. T-riumph of God                               173
Chapter 12. Y-ou Shall Know the Truth…             189
Action Steps                                                       214
Recommended Resources                                 215
Bibliography                                                       216

Chapter 1

The “C” in the acrostic “CHRISTIANITY” represents ”Christianity With Insanity.”  Christianity With Insanity is spiritually life taking, enslaving, controlling, and deforming. Christianity Without Insanity is spiritually life giving, freeing, empowering, and transforming!

An acrostic—using each letter in a word to represent a particular point—is an excellent memory device and teaching tool.  In order, therefore, to clearly understand the spiritual insanity in fear-based, so-called Orthodox Christianity, I have created two acrostics using the words,  ”Insanity” [below] and “Christianity” [as seen in the “Contents,” each letter of the latter forming chapters 1-12].

The word “oxymoron” comes from two Greek words, “oxus,” meaning sharp or keen, and “moras,” meaning “dull or foolish” [the origin of moron jokes]. Therefore, the word “oxymoron” is itself an oxymoron since it expresses two inherently contradictory things. Looking at the big picture of the Christian faith, the most obvious thing Christianity must be without to be loved based rather than fear based is oxymorons.  Here is the list of the top ten:

Top Ten Oxymorons of Fear-Based Christianity

10. God’s perfectly-proportional justice and eternal hell
  9. God’s desire that none perish and almost all perish
  8. God’s sovereignty overruled by human free will
  7. God’s omniscience and inability to change free will
  6. God’s omnipotence and impotence to save all persons
  5. God’s omnipresence and eternal separation from God
  4. God’s amazing grace and eternal punishment in hell
  3. God’s unconditional love and eternal torment in hell
  2. God’s everlasting love and eternal damnation in hell
  1. God’s infinite mercy and eternal torture in hell

This is the spiritually insane “Oxymoronic Gospel”  Biblical literalists sincerely but mistakenly believe! Tragically, this creates spiritual morons who preach that the “unelect” who die in infancy [and unbaptized infants will be forever banished from God’s presence], all non-Christians, and the “wrong kind of Christians” will be condemned by God to torture in hell fire forever!

Therefore, oxymorons must be eliminated from Christianity in order to cure spiritual insanity, not cause it. Like a skilled surgeon cutting out a cancerous tumor from a patient’s body, spiritual insanity is what the Great Physician is in the process of excising from the Body of Christ—His Church. To visualize the inherent insanity in fear-based Christianity, I have developed the acrostic “I-N-S-A-N-I-T-Y.”

The Insanity in So-Called Orthodox Christianity

I-nsane hypocrisy of God torturing His enemies in hell fire for-
ever, thus, violating His own law of proportionality to the nth
degree (Ex.21:23-25) and Christ’s  command to forgive, do
good for, and even to love one’s enemies (Mt. 5:44)

N-onsense of God’s everlasting love not lasting (Jer. 31:3)
S-avior of the world not saving the world (John 4:42)
A-tonement for all not atoning for all (Rom. 5:10-21)
N-ever-failing love [agape] of God failing (I Cor. 13:8)
I-nfinite mercy [KJV] of God not enduring forever (Ps. 136)
T-hwarting God’s salvation plan [impossible] (Job 42:2 NIV)
Y-ou are saved by grace through faith (Eph. 2:8, 9) but…
Must keep all of God’s commandments
Must obey all rules of the church
Must believe, worship, and live “right” and tithe

Horrific Case of Spiritual Insanity

There is no better example of spiritual insanity than
the horrific case of Andrea Yates who killed all five of
her young children in Houston, Texas, June 20, 2001.