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God's Sovereignty, Free Will Harmonized




CALVINISM [Focus on Sovereignty]—ARMINIANISM [Focus on Free Will]     

      T-total Depravity                                              Partial Depravity

      U-nconditional Election                                     Conditional Election

      L-imited Atonement                                          Unlimited Atonement

      I-rresistible Grace                                             Resistible Grace

      P-erseverance of the Saints                               Saints Can Lose Salvation





T-otal Love of God—All-Inclusive/Unconditional/Everlasting—Saves ALL

U-nconditional Election of Helpers to Save ALL Proves God’s Impartiality

L-amb of God Takes Away ALL Sin [Collective Singular] of the Whole World

I-nfinite Grace/Mercy/Patience of God: Why God Will Not/Cannot Ever Fail

P-apa  God,  Our Loving Heavenly Father,  Will  Surely  Become  ALL in ALL

S-ymbolic Salt/Fire/Sulfur—Mixed Metaphors: Disinfect/Heal/Purify from Sin


The total love of God will totally correct depraved behavior whether depravity is partial or even total. Please notice the slashes between: “All-Inclusive/Unconditional/Everlasting” (John 3:16; I Cor. 13:4-8; Jer. 31:3), because these characteristics of God’s total love are inseparable. All created beings will be saved and freely worship God forever (Rev. 5:13)! 

If God has chosen to save only a few “elect," and, de facto, damn the vast majority of humans to be tortured forever in the fire of hell, God’s love is definitely conditional, to the nth degree! The Holy Bible clearly states God is impartial, showing no favoritism to anyone, due to being no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11; James 2:1-9). If the atonement of Christ is limited to relatively few “elect,” that  also means God is partial, to the nth degree! The atonement is unlimited—proof God is impartial! All praise to the Lamb of God who takes away ALL SIN of the WHOLE world (John 1:29; 4:42; I John 2:2)! 

Calvinists use the term “irresistible grace” as to how all “the elect” will be drawn to God by the Holy Spirit. Arminians contend most will resist God’s saving grace until it is "forever too late." The truth is that God’s saving grace can be resisted indefinitely, but it will not be resisted forever, as evidenced by Jesus drawing all to himself, all living in Christ, and all freely submitting to and sincerely confessing faith in Christ to the glory of God (John 12:32; Rom. 5:18; 14:9-11; I Cor. 15:22; Phil. 2:9-11)! Confusion over the resistibility of saving grace can quickly be ascertained by simply understanding God's grace/mercy/patience are infinite! Jesus, who spoke Aramaic, called God “Abba,” meaning “Papa” (Mk.14:36). Papa God's mercy endures forever (per all 26 verses of Psalm 136 KJV) ["steadfast love," N/RSV]! God shall, as surely as the sky is blue and grass is green, become all in all [KJV]—everything to every one [RSV] (I Cor. 15:28). 

The Calvinistic and Arminian formulations of the relationship between God’s sovereignty vs. human free will are good examples of spiritual insanity. Sanity is that biblical use of salt/fire/sulfur symbolizes disinfection/healing/purification from sin. Jesus definitively stated the purpose of hell: “For every one shall be salted with fire” (Mark 9:49). This is a mixed metaphor for purification, also true of the lake of fire and brimstone/burning sulfur [NIV] (Rev. 20:10).


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*Eternal Conscious Torment in hell: SINCE FALSE, means Spiritual Independence Day from Spiritual  Abuse/Insanity! Both Calvinists and Arminians make the mistake of believing ECT is true, thus, making reconciliation between God's sovereignty and human free will IMPOSSIBLE!  Just as July 4th commemorates Independence Day [for citizens of the USA] from political tyranny, reconciliation of God's sovereignty and human free will means Independence Day from religious tyranny for ALL from spiritual abuse/terrorism/insanity! ECT Christianity [so-called orthodox Christianity] is the ultimate example of spiritual insanity, due to the fact that God's INFINITE MERCY and ETERNAL TORTURE in hell is oxymoronic! Therefore, ECT characterizes God, our loving heavenly Father, as The Supreme Sadistic Moral Monster in the whole universe!                                                                                   

                                                                                              July 4, 2020