Spiritual Terrorism
Christianity Without Insanity
Boyd C. Purcell, Ph.D. www.HealingSpiritualTerrorism.com and www.ChristianityWithoutInsanity.com


     "Reading Spiritual Terrorism has broadened my understanding

of the Judeo/Christian Faith as well as that of other religions.

This is a very positive message of God's love and justice which our

world, racked with man's inhumanity to man at times in the name

of religion, desperately needs to hear, understand, and embrace. 


              Bob Rubenstein, Ed.D.

              Professor of Counseling

              Marshall University Graduate College



     "Spiritual Terrorism is an insightful analysis

of the problem of fear-based religion.  This a totally

positive conception of God's love, grace, and

justice which needs to be read privately, studied

diligently, discussed openly, and debated publicly.

This loving and comprehensive understanding of

Christianity and other major world religions truly

offers hope for our world torn by religious strife."


                Lewis Whaley, D.O.




     "As a child, I was sent to church and I accepted Christ

as my Savior but had many sleepless nights worrying that

my parents would go to hell since they had not accepted

Christ due to fear.  Since Dr. Purcell helped me understand

Christian Universalism, almost 20 years ago, I no longer have

such fear and I now sleep in perfect peace."


                                  Sharon Turkaly, CRNA

                                  Nurse Anesthetist



     "My beloved grandmother, who became a Christian as a

young girl, experienced the horrible ordeal of having lost her

husband and all five children to accidents or diseases.  She

appeared to be very angry with God and would not even talk

about God.  For many years I worried about her salvation until

Dr. Purcell shared with me over 18 years ago the liberating truth

of Christian Universalism. After her sudden death, I now know 

that she is at peace with God in Heaven."  


                                    Rodna Blain, RN

                                    Neonatal Intensive Care



     Throughout my counseling career and throughout my touring around the country doing

teaching and consulting work for health care employees I have repeatedly come across

examples of spiritual abuse. It is a serious sickness in our society, a serious sickness that

needs to be addressed seriously.  Boyd C Purcell, Ph.D., in his book, Spiritual Terrorism:

Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb, addresses it seriously and thoroughly, and

addresses it well. In reading Boyd's book, I was often reminded of the following comment of

Sogyal Rinpoche: "Do we not all have a right, not only to have our bodies treated with respect,

but also, and perhaps even more important, our spirits? Spiritual care is not a luxury for a few;

it is 'the' essential right of every human being, as essential as political liberty, medical assistance,

and equality of opportunity." Dr. Purcell is definitely a worthy proponent of this right. I encourage

others to read his book and join his humanitarian effort to have people receive spiritual respect.


                                                                      Douglas Smith, M.A., M.Div., M.S.

                                                                      Orthodox Catholic Priest 

                                                                      Author of numerous books, including

                                                                      Spiritual Healing and The Tao of Grieving



     Spiritual Terrorism is a very interesting and challenging book which reminds me of my background.

I started out in a Baptist Church that was conservative enough when I joined at age 10, but due to a

change of pastors became even more so.  It became just what Dr. Purcell describes in Part I, "The

Problem."  I felt the call to ministry at age 12, but I found it hard to go along with the ideas of "eternal

damnation, literal hellfire," etc.  I got away entirely from these teachings during college and seminary.

My grandmother grew up in a Universalist Church and opposed my entering the ministry apparently

concerned about the fear factor.  Her sister probably did a lot more than I realized at the time to help

me avoid being a "hellfire and brimstone" preacher.  I strongly recommend this book to all particulary

for those who have grown up on a steady diet of fear-based religion. 


                                                                           Rev. Harry W. Palmer

                                                                           Retired Presbyterian Pastor



    "I loved reading all of Spiritual Terrorism:  Spiritual Abuse from the Womb to the Tomb.  It is

comforting to know that the Bible actually teaches Christian Universalism.  I especially liked reading

about non-Christian religions and finding that they too teach universal salvation.  It is important to

be informed about all major religions and for people to respect the religion of others if we are going

to get along in the modern world." 


                                                                           Cary Anderson

                                                                           Public School Teacher 



     "I was terrorized by hell-fire preaching and sleepless nights

haunted by images of being tortured in literal fire forever.  As

soon as I grew up, I got away from home and the church.  I did

not bring up my children in the church so they would not be

frightened as I was.  I did not want my grandchildren to be

reared in the church but after Dr. Purcell shared with me

Christian Universalism, I want my grandchildren to be taught

the total love of God for all people.  As soon as Dr. Purcell's

book is published I will purchase one for myself and one for

each member of my family."


                                         Representative Victim of

                                         The Spiritual Holocaust